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TTY - Yes, there were times/ I'm sure you knew

Posted by crashingbore (Members) at Today, 2:05 AM. 6 comments


What I may risk calling our best tour ever ... has now ended, and my written words of thanks to all who came along to watch and listen are strong enough to burn a hole through the North Pole.
It is gratifying to have so much support around the world, and the drone of my repetitive thanks could somehow never say enough.

The best of the best:

1. London (England) 02 Arena
2. Dublin (Ireland) 3Arena
3. Belgrade (Serbia) Belexpocentar
4. Paris (France) Le Grand Rex
5. Helsinki (Finland) Finlandia, first night
6. Istanbul (Turkey) VW Arena
7. Krakow (Poland) Laznia Nowa
8. Vienna (Austria) Konzerthaus
9. Athens (Greece) Tae Kwon Do Arena
10. Lund (Sweden) Sparbanken Skåne Arena
11. Zagreb (Croatia) Zagreb Fair, Pavilion 9
12. Hannover (Germany) Capitol
13. Essen (Germany) Colosseum
14. Utrecht (Holland) TivoliVredenburg
15. Copenhagen (Denmark) Falconer
16. Bologna (Italy) Paladozza
17. Pescara (Italy) Pala Gpii

Oh, but the list passionately hums on. We are blessed.

My devotional thanks to Boz Boorer, Jesse Tobias, Matthew Ira Walker, Gustavo Manzur and Mando Lopez.

Panic - of course! - at Lyon (France) where we were suddenly without a bass player, but Mando appeared with wings - bigger than life, ready to eat fire... we were saved. He learned a complicated set of songs within a few days and suddenly we were boot camp ready to pick the tour up at Hannover.

Very special thanks to those who travelled to a great number of the shows. I am continually humbled by such determination, and I scarcely know what to say by way of appreciation. Julia attended her 625th show at Istanbul, and I wonder if any living human has been to so many shows by the same artist or band? Documentarily, Julia's will is more fascinating than that of Emmeline Pankhurst, Maud Gonne and Constance Markievicz combined.

Explosive thanks to the websites and magazines who have voted World peace is none of your business as the best album of 2014. We think so, too.
Finally, thank you to Anna Calvi for opening our nights with such supreme Joan of Arc punch and finesse. The world is suddenly a new place.

2015? Imponderable.

Yield to no one,
con carino,
Istanbul, 19 December.

Photograph above from 2014 tour, photographer unknown

Morrissey Christmas Photo - Meat Is Murder

Posted by mammaof3 (Mods) at Sat 20 Dec 2014, 19:07:01. 7 comments

Posted Image
Sam Esty Rayner Photography
4 mins ·

So there is the photo Morrissey's nephew promised us yesterday:

Sam Esty Rayner Photography
13 hrs ·

Dec 9 interview in tportal.hr (Croatian)

Posted by crashingbore (Members) at Wed 10 Dec 2014, 21:32:13. 0 comments

I'm really going to miss these interviews when the tour is over. I wish random periodicals would just interview Morrissey all the time, constantly. I may have to take old interviews from the 1990s and Google translate them into Croatian and then back into English just to console myself.

Anyway, the original:

The Google translation to English:

Morrissey declines alternative Christmas speech

Posted by ottoline (Members) at Mon 8 Dec 2014, 14:03:53. 15 comments

Channel Four apparently offered Morrissey the alternative Christamas speech slot this year, but he 'politely declined.' What a beautiful moment that could have been; I can only imagine how the Daily Mail would have taken to it...


edited by mammaof3 to fix link. :)

'Dear Fans, Please Help Me' - MA student from Brighton looking for Moz fans for short interviews :-)

Posted by DeanJBrooks (Members) at Fri 5 Dec 2014, 12:01:19. 6 comments

Hi there!

My name's Dean, I'm an MA student from Brighton, England. I'm also a huge Morrissey fan, have been for around 13 years, which is pretty much half my life as I'm now 26.

I'm looking for some help from you guys if possible. I'm currently working on a paper, a small research project exploring the relationship between Morrissey fans and Morrissey himself. Key areas of exploration are how important fandom is the formation of a personality, identity, and our sense of self and how experiences of fandom can change over time.

I'm looking for around 5-10 people to agree to a short 20-30 minute interview with me. It'll be a chance to discuss your experience of being a Morrissey fan - what Morrissey meant to you, why you became a fan in the first place, what you do as a fan - I want to hear it all.

Interviews can either be conducted online through email, messenger (happy to use Facebook messenger, or Skype if you prefer) or over the phone (if you're the UK-based) or indeed by Skype of Facetime if you're happy with that. Just let me know what would work best for you. Chiefly, I want you to feel comfortable and willing to have an enjoyable chat.

And of course, all responses will be treated with respect, and no data will be given to any third parties. All responses will be used in my research though, and I'll be happy to provide you with a copy of my main findings in late January.

Get in touch if you're willing to be interviewed - it'd be great to hear from you!



P.S. As an incentive I have a selection of paperbacks to give away, most of which I'm fairly certain Morrissey would approve of, including 'The Collector' by Fowles, referenced in Reel Around the Fountain, and the wonderful 'Two Boys, At Swim' by Jamie O'Neill, a couple of lines out of which were lifted for 'Dear God, Please Help Me'.

New interview in B92 (Serbian)

Posted by JoanOfArc (Members) at Thu 4 Dec 2014, 20:24:22. 11 comments

New album in February???!!!I will ask my friend from Serbia to translate it for me.(Her mum is Polish so she speaks Polish too).I really hope its true.New book and new album-just great!!!

Interview Dec 1 Lifo (Greek)

Posted by crashingbore (Members) at Tue 2 Dec 2014, 11:50:30. 3 comments

A new interview in a Greek periodical:


I don't have a computer today and can't look up a translation.

New Interview in Vegan Logic Nov 28, 2014

Posted by mammaof3 (Mods) at Fri 28 Nov 2014, 09:16:00. 8 comments

New Interview in Vegan Logic:


By Zülâl Kalkandelen

Posted Image

TTY - Morrissey in Zagreb, Croatia on Dec 12

Posted by goinghome (Members) at Sun 23 Nov 2014, 19:24:56. 0 comments

Another date added on True-To-You:

"Morrissey in Zagreb
12 December - Zagreb, Croatia - Zagrebački Velesajam, Paviljon 9 (Zagreb Fair, Pavilion 9)"

Nov 22 interview in Hurriyet Telebek (Turkish)

Posted by crashingbore (Members) at Sun 23 Nov 2014, 03:44:40. 3 comments


More Google translate fun: https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=tr&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.hurriyet.com.tr%2Fkelebek%2Fhayat%2F27621773.asp&edit-text=

A thoughtful trilingual individual named Aylin on TIALTNGO Facebook page did a more readable translation:

First Question: " When I'm in Istanbul, I feel like I'm never going to die. I feel like my life is complete" is what you say Morrissey. So what is so special about Istanbul? What it is the most suprising thing about Istanbul? - --- I've lived a really timid/shy childhood. My past is also full of frustation. Even now I don't know how to have fun/enjoy myself in a physical way. Istanbul has a characteristic that helps me to deal with my ( depressed) mental state. When I'm on english ground again, I have to face my desperateness on my own again. That's the secret of Istanbul/it's people, everything is: Very lively, very genuine. That's something I really feel admiration for. I don't see myself as much as you do as "living human". I'm more the analytical when it comes to crowd of people, that's it.

Second Question: Your turkish fans are really excited and can't wait to hear your song "Istanbul" of your latest album live. Is there a special story behind that song? -- I'm someone who rarely takes/carries babies on my lap. Maybe I did it one or two times in my whole life. Carrying a baby on your lap is a really special moment. It makes you feel and remembering again that you're a human being. It's a strange, a bit macho feeling and possessive life energy you suddenly feel. You begin to feel a connection and love between the unknown and not blood related baby. And the moment I wanted to write especially a song about that feeling I found myself in Istanbul. Istanbul helped me a lot to find the right words. Besides the turkish culture everything is build on the secrets the people keep hidden in their hearts. And that's also very inspirational.

Third question: "Music, lost its excitement" The music industry is losing blood and is now searching new formulars. On one hand there is the new digital order/mixing. How do you see it? - Actually the real problem is: Music that appeals to many people has lost it's excitement. It's like everytime I open a music channel, accidently it seems like I'm listening to the same song. There is no tension, no soul. Musicians who have sold their souls to big companies for popularity and fame to finance their lives are certainly a reason for it.

Fourth question: You stated that eating meat is a murder. When and how you decided to be vegetarian? - As I know myself, the huge McDonalds yellow "M" letter has no difference to the Hakenkreuz/swastika. If you would see what the animals have to live through for the meat of hamburgers you would definetly turn the slogan into " I'm hating it". The meat industry is on the top of the list of the worst and poorest,hearted and most harmful sector/branch.

Fifth question: "and you hate animals" So your favor is that no one eats and sells meat during/before/after your concert in Istanbul outside where the concert takes place and at the venue (on 7th december)? So, isn't that a disputable decision? - I see some organisations as very supicious. The english royality is on the top of the list of saving birds in the nature but they are nonstop hunting and killing birds. That's so paradox. Prince William has killed 78 birds this year on his own. Only because nobody knows about that and no one talks about it, I'm not going to act like I don't care and do something about it. Everybody should start by doing something for themself and their behaviour/surounding/environment. You can do only that much. Only that much

Last question: Let's say: I feed animals and I'm active for animal rights, my life seems ethically correct and "green" but at evening I'm eating a steak. Is that not possible? - That's not. Steak, sausage, chicken or burger there is no difference. If you eat meat, the message you're spreading is clear, don't try to fool me, don't even try to lie to me: You're hating animals. I'm laughing the most at women who carry their dogs around their arms/lap and wear fur. Animals are animals. The workers of the meat industry who are currently working their, have no difference between the Nazis who killed the Jews. --- I've lived through the worst sexual life someone can have. And that has intimidate me my whole life. When you're having sexual panic attacks in a row you are noticing that: Some people are cursed when it comes to the topic to wish/request something. (I'm not able to translate the last sentences it sounds wrong)

TTY - 3 dates for Morrissey in Holland mid-Dec

Posted by goinghome (Members) at Thu 20 Nov 2014, 13:19:00. 0 comments

Three new dates have been announced on the Morrissey tour.

Belgrade - Dec 10
Groningen - Dec 15
Tilburg - Dec 16


TTY: Damien Dempsey Poem

Posted by Mr.Shankly (Members) at Tue 11 Nov 2014, 00:51:56. 9 comments



Morrissey,one of the greatest poets of any century

i sometimes reckon i'd rather a frontal lobe lobotomy

than be cursed with a brain of such searing primed lyrical monumental pain

for i have sorely realized that to overtly analyze and incessantly scrutinize

entices demons to set up camp in the cranium

yet steven pat ventures into these very camps

looks these terrors up and down with a magnificent frown

and bursts into sublime siren song

seduces them by the flickering firelight

then lies in their araby tents with them all night long

dreaming of an even more malevolent camp to come

then at dawn sneaks away before they ready the cage

back to the studio,then stage

and with lust loathing and rage

sings their praise as they weep for his absence

through this maze of apathy this sage soldiers on gallantly through the storm

gracefully,forcefully,valiantly,i think he's rubbing off on me

this damned elusive Morrissey

Damien Dempsey 2014

Article in BHmagazino (Greece)

Posted by mammaof3 (Mods) at Mon 10 Nov 2014, 19:13:20. 2 comments


Google Translate:

Morrissey: Love is politics, but politics is not love
The unconventional British performer talking on BHmagazino shortly before his concert in Athens

Posted Image

The Morrissey knows how to balance between the few as the title star and anti-Star once. The eccentric leader of the Smiths, with even more eccentric lyrics ponokefaliazan the music who want to analyze and illustrate them all, is now 55 years old and is scheduled to come to Greece for another concert on December 5, at the stadium Tae Kwon Do in Paleo Faliro. The Greek public does not seem to get enough of him, singing with him all his songs, ecstatic screams every time takes off his shirt in the popular habit, loves singing since the Smiths until today continues his solo career.

Recent statements by the Spanish newspaper «El Mundo» on the battle between cancer caused worldwide excitement and anxiety. "If I die, I will die. And if you do not die, will not die. Right now I feel good. I know that some of my recent photos I look healthy, but why blame illness. I do not care, it will rest when I die, "said the famous sarcasm. In view of the highly anticipated concert in Athens, Morrissey spoke of the perpetual search for the meaning of life that has now become more urgent than ever for the exhibitionism of the royal family of England, for what he forgot to include in his autobiography released last year and the weakness is in the Greek public.

Although many times have you visited our country, the Greek public was again reacted to the news that you are coming for a concert like the first time. Feeling weakness you have and how the Greeks explain this strong bond between you and Greece? "I take care not to get bored with the Greeks. I come, I give my concerts and I leave. I give a few interviews, no wandering left and right like a socialite superstar only on stage can be seen by anyone. Limited as I my activities, because people get bored very easily when you see the face again and again. And, to tell you the truth, I do not want to ever get bored with the Greeks. Probably because its not too bored. "

What is the most beautiful memory that you have from a concert in Greece? "I believe that the best concert that I have given to Greece was the last one, two years ago, the Lycabettus Hill. The crowd was incredible, giving me the feeling that you bear to listen to me for countless hours, but could not bear. There was people hanging on rails and many more covering the rocks. The Greek audience gives you the feeling that they are the most loyal of all. We were all with her mouth open. I had never seen me so. Located definitely in the top five of the more magnificent concert I've ever given in my life. "

What made you decide to publish your autobiography? Finally, talk about your life was harder than you thought? When the book was released, for what you included and you regret what you did not include? "I do not regret about anything that came into the book. But there were some incredible events that I forgot to include. For example, a Smiths concert in Montreal suddenly someone jumped on stage and was pointing a gun. Then he jumped into the arena and was lost in the world. This was definitely a very powerful moment that I was sorry that he stayed outside. The reality TV star Pat Phoenix had me write a very personal letter from her deathbed. I also received a letter from Prince Charles and three invitations to attend the Buckingham Palace. Moreover, thanks I had arrived as the British Parliament, when my name was discussed there because I criticize - very rightly in my view - regular Thatcher. So probably I have material for a second volume of autobiography, with all those little and big life events that become important only when someone tells. "

As the years pass, what songs are closer to you: those who talk about love or those who talk about politics? "For me it's the same, I can not pick. With the difference that love is politics, but politics is not love. "

What is the worst thing that happened in British society since 1986, when they released the album Smiths «The Queen Is Dead», then? "Probably the fact that the so-called royal family is not limited to particular departments and expensive that at least does not cause, but that all the members chose to become celebrities. Not a day passes that do not are exposed to magazine covers and newspaper headlines without absolutely no good reason, as if England has nothing to offer the world, no other exportable product. We are reminded constantly how wonderful and amazing it is, when in fact, as flawless and if their clothes seams pitched in look and behavior is obvious that it is neither wonderful nor amazing. "

Since established in the musical firmament critics spoke of a new type of rock star, rock star 'issues'. Do you think the fact that you had no problem showing the sometimes vulnerable side through your music and your lifestyle is ultimately what made you so dear to your audience for so many years? "That I am, I have to show another side. The media does not feel good to me, the embarrassing, just because my answers are completely human. There never consulted with anyone "about" what should I answer in interviews or what to say to concerts or even what direction you need to get the music or the lyrics me. And maybe that's why I was never the darling of the media. They prefer singers who have nothing to say and nothing that even their manager dictates a smart ass. The only way to discern whether you are obsequious, infertile and moron. If a record company know that you have personality, courage of your opinion, and therefore can not be in control, he will say that you are tough guy and did not know how to collaborate. What I really mean is that "unfortunately not be a fool, can not have him in our hands. '"

What is the strangest thing that has ever happened to you during the concert? "In a concert in Brazil in common transferred over the heads of a blind girl who brought her up right in front of me. This would never happen in "Mack Donna", ie in America. The say so because it reminds me of McDonald course, along with what they bring bad the US. "

There is a song that you no longer feel comfortable to interpret live; And if someone asked you to select the song you specify more than anything, what would it be? "Two of my favorite songs are" Life Is a Pigsty "and" Smiler With Knife ". I feel now that my repertoireis full of songs that I can no longer interpret in front of people because I'm hopefully 55 years and it seems inconsistent to say something that I wrote when I was 20, when I lived in Manchester, lost body and suicidal. For example, the "Handsome Devil" would sound incongruous if I tried to sing it today. "

Some time ago I decided to speak publicly about the serious health problem that you are experiencing. What did you do this? "Actually I did not speak much about it. He spoke but a lot of people when learned, very moving and supportive words, and this gave me great strength. Ever since I remember myself wondering what is the meaning of life - it MUST be meaningful, otherwise I do not believe that there would be life. At this juncture of my life, then, the meaning of life concerns me more than any other time. And that would be great tragic irony for a suicidal 20-year old to reach 55 and died of natural causes. The emotional reactions of my fans, then, is for me a first-class group psychotherapy. I feel that they identified with my revelation for their own very personal reasons. Can symbolize confusing adolescence or helped me a song at a crucial stage of their lives. The only sure thing is that now I have more need than ever. As the strongest angora before the end of a very good concert ".

What was the motto at the beginning of your career and what you are now? "It's exactly the same:" They can kill me but they can not stop. '"

* Morrissey, «World Peace Is None of Your Business Tour»: Tennis Tae Kwon Do, on December 5.

Info: www.detoxevents.gr and 9636 210 485.

** Published in BHmagazino Sunday, November 9, 2014

Nov 7 Interview in Dagens Nyheter (Swedish)

Posted by crashingbore (Members) at Fri 7 Nov 2014, 17:12:50. One comment


Google Translate says:

Morrissey sings because he must. In an extensive interview, pop icon of his views on the music industry, the Swedish fans and the cancer he was treated for.
- We are all dying, he said to TT.

Steven Patrick Morrissey has had an eventful year. The former The Smiths frontman has issued a much awaited autobiography and an almost equally long awaited new studio album.

So far so good. Soon, however, the problem - shortly after the album "World peace is none of your business" was released last summer broke Morrissey collaboration with his label.

- The album had been destroyed if I had let its fate be left in the hands of Harvest Records. Why? To record label boss was incompetent, says Morrissey in an email interview with TT.

As a result of the breakup disc is not longer in service Spotify. Something that many fans find boring - Morrissey himself does not give a lot of digital music services.

- For many years, people used their brains and hearts when they bought a disc. Today, check the record companies what we can and can not get access to. U2 incident is a fascinating example of how limited personal choice has become. We believe that the Internet has given us enormous freedoms, but the record companies control the freedoms that the Gestapo.

He also saw the prevailing idea that the songs are more important than albums.

- It is a figment of the record company did not want to spend money on album covers, photography and marketing, and who do not think enough of the performers to let them do a whole album. It is a kind of execution, said Morrissey.

Over the past year there have also been many disturbing reports of Morrissey's health. He has been forced to cancel several concerts because of illness and earlier in the fall, he told the Spanish newspaper El Mundo that he had been treated for cancer.

Now Morrissey says that his health is "okay".

- I am under surveillance. But we are all dying. Even when you are sleeping in your bed, you are dying.

What type of cancer have you treated?

- The modern life cancer ... pollution, food additives, a sky full of 747. How do we stay healthy? It's impossible. I am amused by people who jog along with hard traffic generating pathways. It is a kind of voluntary death, yet they think it's a way to stay healthy.

During the coming week makes Morrissey three concerts in Sweden: Lund on November 8, in Gothenburg on November 11 and in Stockholm on 13 November. The Swedish fans have always had a special relationship with Morrissey and vice versa.

- I have always felt that I have been welcomed with some understanding. In other countries, I sometimes put to the test before they decide I'm worth it. I've never been a conventional pop artist, I tend to stand out more than some people can handle. But this has never been to Sweden, he says.

Have you seen Morrissey before you know what you can expect when he must take the Swedish scenes. His concerts are the antithesis of the well organized giant shows that modern pop artists like Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga turn up.

- I've never had any theme. No props, no dancers, spiders made of glass or other gimmicks. I stand there and sing, and I sing because I must do it. I have never felt the need to hide behind a Ziggy Stardust. Not being artificial is perhaps the strangest one would be today?

Morrissey on ...

... Sweden:
"There's something pleasant with Sweden that the whole world envies. Sweden is fascinating freely and it can not be ignored. The world is falling apart, yet retains Sweden its integrity and the country performing well on their own. Of course I know that the suicide rate is high in Sweden, but it is high everywhere. It's the human condition. "

... the music industry:
"It's just American music industry types motivated by such things as vanity and power. If the people were controlling the charts would look quite different across the world. But instead created careers and false popularity of marketing and money. The true artists pushed aside because we are not mentally constipated. "

... carnivorous:
"I am shocked by people who feed their babies with dead animals. It depends on the idiotic myth of protein, right? But the strongest animals in the world eats only plants. People do not give their newborn babies cow's milk because they know it's dangerous. Why do they then it's okay that their children will eventually eat cows? Cancerous growth hormones pumped into the animals in factory farming and then goes into the human bloodstream. If you give your baby meat, you might as well give it a cigar and a bottle of whiskey. "

Nov 6 Interview in Aftenbladet (Swedish)

Posted by crashingbore (Members) at Fri 7 Nov 2014, 02:05:09. 2 comments

This is the Swedish teaser:


I think you have to be a subscriber or pay or buy an actual newspaper to read it.

Someone on TIALTNGO on FB named Jacob Angelucci kindly posted this translation of the interview:

"Many people would be happy if I fell off the pin"
Big interview: Read the email conversation between Morrissey and Nöjesbladet Kristin Lundell
He shocked his fans when he told me last month that he had been treated for cancer.
But Morrissey has no plans to throw in the towel yet.
- There are far too many who would be happy if I died, says the former The Smiths frontman Nöjesbladet.

There was a time when Morrissey only communicated with the outside world via fax. Today, the 55-year-old singer put away the fax machine and connects to the network. Right now the music world's most uncompromising animal lover in the midst of a European tour that on Saturday stop in Lund. Nöjesbladet sat down for emailing the man who for three decades has given the world's lovelorn souls consolation.
Hi Morrissey. It feels
to imagine yourself at a computer. Do you spend much time online?
- No. I'm not interested Fakebook or
pages. I also avoid anything that would argue that it is "news" because it often tends to be.
In October, you went out with the doctors had scraped away the cancer cells. I saw you play in Vienna two weeks ago and you looked to be in excellent shape. How have you recovered?
- There are many who would be happy if I fell off the pin but I'm not ready to give them that pleasure yet. I carefully monitored by doctors.
There were many who became worried when you told me that you were treated for cancer. Was it obvious that you should be open about it?
- We all have dormant cancer cells. For most of us will sooner or later active but it is all about luck. Air pollution, nuclear power plants and additives in food are all out to get us to die of cancer. And they often succeed. If you look at everything that we fight against every day is a miracle that any of us are older than 22nd
The title track on your new album - "World peace is none of your business" so you sing that "every time you vote so you support the process." Is this a call to people not to vote?
- I have never voted in my life. "It says nothing to me about my life". All major parties accountable to the same facilities and business conglomerates as the result of the policy will be always the same. The idea of a president or prime minister is outdated. I thought it would be a change with Barack Obama because he is black. That his attitude however is white became quite obvious with his horrible response to the murder of Michael Brown in Ferguson. Not even with a black president in the United States is changing anything.
Would you be willing to get involved politically? Imagine how much good you could do for the animals.
- Only corrupt people engage in the political world. There is no politician who is loved by the people. Animals are no chance because they only valued from an economic perspective, and the fact that animal factories destroy this earth ignored by all world leaders. If I got into politics, I would be systematically bewitched within an hour. I do not have the necessary personality trait evil.
How can we still live in a world where it's okay to eat other people's bodies?
- There are many people who do not care about the animals. And then there's the old myth of meat protein that enables people to be fooled into thinking that it is healthy to eat a pig's face. Industry needs to keep animal suffering secret because no one else would stand because they eat meat. Not eating meat is a strong political statement. It is to refuse the evil.
Next year marks the album "Meat Is Murder" 30 years and this is known to always require that the meat ban at your concerts. What do you say to those who think you're an extremist who does not respect your fellow humans like to eat bacon?
- The only thing I care about is the animals - they want guaranteed not become bacon. It is not correct to call me extremist because I did not kill anyone. On the contrary, I demand that the killing must stop. There are people who eat animals that are extremists; there are those who accept these atrocities. Moreover, the word "extremist" only if people you dislike. You never hear the BBC report that "royalist extremists stood in line to get to shake hands with the Queen."
In the song "I'm not a man" on the new album you sing about cavemen and declare that you are not a man. What is the problem with the man of today?
- I will list all the nonsense that is usually considered to be a "real man" and then say "no thanks" to being him. I do not think that soldiers who are prepared to die for their country are heroes - I think they are confused. Had people not been prepared to be soldiers there would have been war. Moreover, it is never the prime minister's son sent to war. In England, called Prince Harry to hero just because he learned to kill people. It is not heroics. There is to be an idiot, something that in itself the whole world already knows that he is.
Do you think the world would be different if women were in power?
- Only if it was ruled by women like Maya Angelou, Gloria Steinham or Buffy Sainte-Marie and not villains that Margaret Thatcher was driven solely by hatred. Politics attracts not attract good people.
You call yourself a feminist?
- Yes. I've always done. But feminism's successes came with the success of the US human rights movement in the 60s. People like Dick Gregory, James Baldwin and Martin Luther King made so that marginalized groups got a chance to make themselves heard. US sees itself as a white country, but there has never been a white country.
How's your novel?
- The water has gone and I do not think it will be long now.
You were recently on vacation in Stockholm. Did you have a good time?
- No, I was not so nice. People would constantly shoot me. It's scary when you walk around in their own thoughts and then suddenly press someone up an Iphone in the face of one. Why do people do that? I had to run back to the hotel the whole time. It's
how people - just because they recognize your face - think they have the right to shoot when you sit there and struggle to eat your spaghetti in a nice way.
You otherwise have a strong bond with your Swedish audience. What is it that created the band?
- In addition to the annoying mobile phones so I have always loved Sweden. Scandinavia is a civilized place in the world. Sweden has fresh air and people are healthy and fit. I know you have long months of darkness and ice, but honestly, nothing of value has ever been created in Malibu or Tahiti.
Is your accountant mad at you because you throw out your shirt to the crowd after every concert? It's Dries van Noten and must be very expensive.
- It's just life. If I had a six-year child, it would cost me a lot more money. Moreover, no one can object to that I throw out a shirt in the audience. To throw out a six year old per night to his audience can be considered as insensitive. However, it is not a bad idea.
You carry (sometimes) a cross around his neck, and when you played at the concert for the Nobel Peace Prize last year, did you crossed himself. How is your relationship with religion today?
- It's a troubled relationship. I do not like the warlike religion creates and I can not get away from my Catholic upbringing has given me a lifetime of shame and doubt. But if the Pope and his cardinals now are virgins them all so I do not see how they will be able to dictate how other people should behave sexually. What do they know about sex and physical love? Nothing. What do they know about being pregnant woman in Somalia? Nothing. How can they have an opinion about birth control? Also, I wonder why Jesus went about doing a lot of miracles during his lifetime and then just stopped. Why did not he? Apparently, he was tired of all of us.
Have you been in therapy?
- I have tried a little but often, there is already all the answers they are looking for in one. All we want is someone to tell us what we already know. It is a waste of time. Why do we rely not on ourselves? I think that many people suffer from not understanding that one's personality can be several pages long. Not just one. Yet so we are sticking to this single picture of us. We are so afraid of making others disappointed. But why should it be deemed responsible to go through life and be rigid, narrow-minded and dull?
Kristin Lundell

Name: Steven Patrick Morrissey
Born: May 22, 1959 in Manchester.
Lives: "Mostly in Switzerland."
Background: Has released ten solo albums since his debut "Viva Hate" released in 1988. This summer, the latest album "World peace is none of your business". Between 1982 and 1987, Morrissey was the lead singer of The Smiths. The group released four albums before they disbanded.
Current: November 8 plays Morrissey at Swedbank Arena Skåne in Lund. On November 11, he plays at Scandinavium in Gothenburg and 13 November at Hovet in Stockholm.

TTY - Hannover

Posted by JoanOfArc (Members) at Fri 7 Nov 2014, 00:18:42. 2 comments


6 November 2014
Hannover, Germany
Following the recent predictable attacks of influenza, both the team and I were ecstatic at last night's reception at Hannover. We are very grateful to the crowd for such a huge boost, and we are thrilled to resume what has (sneezes aside) been a triumphant tour for World peace is none of your business. Our thanks will outlive time.Bass player Solomon is on "compassionate leave", and our new bass player is Mando Lopez, to whom we are instantly indebted.Our covered wagon rolls onwards ..

Teatro MOZ, the world's first Morrissey-themed theater festival (LA, Nov. 13, 2014)

Posted by johnaochoa (Members) at Thu 6 Nov 2014, 20:09:55. 0 comments

Hi Los Angeles Morrissey Fans,

There is a new festival happening in LA next week that would be perfect for you all: Teatro MOZ, the world's first Morrissey-themed theater festival and playwriting competition, taking place Nov. 13 at Casa 0101 Theater.

I wrote a feature about it for the LA Weekly, and I would love for you to read it and share with fellow Morrissey fans.


Teatro MOZ
Casa 0101 Theatre
2102 E 1st St.
Boyle Heights, CA
Thursday, Nov. 13.
Tickets: teatromoz.brownpapertickets.com.

15 years ago today...

Posted by joefrady (Members) at Thu 6 Nov 2014, 14:03:19. 2 comments

{A posting from the dark depths of impatient obsession for the new 'Arena Homme +' magazine to street} ~

15 years ago this very day The Times newspaper's Saturday colour magazine supplement published a piece by Michael Bracewell (words) & Linder Sterling (shots). Intended to promote the UK leg of Morrissey's Oye Esteban! 'world tour', which kicked off the following Tuesday, the article also afforded 'the world'(!) the first opportunity to glimpse Morrissey in situ in his new habitat, his North Sweetzer Avenue, West Hollywood Home.

I do recall, as if it was tomorrow, viewing the Morrissey-solo news story (here), quite late in the afternoon that Saturday, and the subsequent scream & scramble around town trying to buy multiple copies before the shops shut. Happy Daze. It was only when I got hold of a copy that I realised just how special and unique the shots were. And beautiful too.

I recall at the time thinking that these special images were wasted on the inside of a throwaway Saturday supplement (not even warranting a cover!) and how it deserved a far more fabulous context.

Which is where, hopefully, 'Arena Homme +' comes in to save the day. I have no idea why Linder is publishing these here now (my fantasy, obviously, is that it's a teaser for her forthcoming De Luxe Moz anthology tome?!) It does seem somewhat odd & random. But nonetheless I am overjoyed that we will get to see more (alot more hopefully) of her session from October 1999, in large format on sumptuous glossy paper stock (rather than the The Times pulp) Any day now (streets next Thursday the 13th, according to my sources).

So here are some lovely links to related stuff ~



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