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Richard Blade's open letter to Morrissey

Posted by Mr.Shankly (Members) at Today, 9:58 PM. 0 comments

Posted Image

Richard Blade (first wave on sirius xm) on his facebook page:


Parts of the 1st post:

I'm on the air right now and was just talking about Morrissey and then I received this e mail - which was very nice and well-intentioned. I read it and wrote back immediately (because I love Moz).

...He is too great an artist to allow his talents to be squandered in pettiness. I hope that someone he trusts will stand up to him one day and say "just try it this way." Some people need an intervention and I feel that at this point in his career it would serve Morrissey and all of us fans of his if he were to get that much needed direction sooner rather than later.

Parts of the 2nd post:

...what Moz doesn't say is how hard he worked NOT to promote the album. We tried so hard to have him on Sirius XM doing whatever he wanted - a two hour interview, a live concert an in-studio performance, just name it. 26 million listeners. They were going to fly me out to New York to host it so Moz would feel safe. But he wouldn't do it.

...If he had made the effort to get the word out perhaps the label would have been a lot more forthcoming with their promotion. But if an artist won't take the time to promote their own album then what can a record label do? THAT is the question that Morrissey needs to address - "Why did you not work to promote your own record?".

and the third post (the "open letter"):
OK - I just sent Morrissey this e mail. Fingers crossed!!

Moz, you say you have had so many problems promoting "World Peace" - well here is an open invitation to come onto Sirius XM radio and talk about, perform or whatever you would like to do for our 26 million + listeners across the USA and Canada. You know me and you know that it would be a great interview as I have been with you since 1983 and the KROQ and Howie Klein years through to today. If you would like to limit it to just an interview then that's good. If you would like to perform a few songs as well then let's do it. If you would like to do a full concert at the studios in front of a live audience then absolutely. You can determine the format and length - no restrictions.

... I would love the listeners to hear your side of the story, your experience with the 'business' side of the music biz and what you've been through over the past decade. You are beloved by millions and they in turn would be thrilled to hear the words coming directly from you. I hope to hear from you soon. Respectfully, Richard Blade.

TTY statement by Morrissey about the Harvest saga

Posted by Ms Nomer (Members) at Today, 12:16 AM. 3 comments

This is such a great read & a fun read even though it probably wasn't fun to live through:
Raising my glass to the label "that will issue World peace is none of your business, and afford it the respect it deserves."

Chrissie Hynde talks about Morrissey on BBC radio 2

Posted by justme (Members) at Yesterday, 12:50 AM. One comment

This week on BBC radio 2, Chrissie Hynde picks the tracks of my years. The first song she picked was Morrissey's FOTGTD. It's very interesting to hear why she choose that song but even better was her answer to Ken Bruce when he said: controversial character isn't he?

Her answer is quite enlightening, and from someone who actually knows him.

Listen from 2:09:00


Thank you to Clover Dean on Twitter for this...

WPINOYB Singles & B Sides on Amazon.fr (TBD of course...)

Posted by Ms Nomer (Members) at Mon 18 Aug 2014, 22:17:45. One comment

I realize the timing of this is weird, but just noticed that Amazon.fr was updated with B side info for 4 CD singles. Interestingly the B sides are marked as "French Mixes" flowers
Posted Image

What is your Morrissey/Smiths most treasured possession?

Posted by justme (Members) at Mon 18 Aug 2014, 17:18:38. 10 comments

I was organizing my vinyl collection and asked myself that question...

It's difficult ,very difficult to answer but mine would be

The smiths "what difference does it make" 12" with Morrissey on the cover
and from Morrissey probably your arsenal original album (vinyl ) - namely because that's when I " discovered" him :thumbs ( I also have a signed photo that I really like :P )

How about you?

Letters to Moz is back!

Posted by justme (Members) at Sun 17 Aug 2014, 20:31:50. 4 comments

great news !! Thanks to Intlplayboy on twitter :)

Letters to Moz was dropped by Harvest but now is back online due to the efforts of a fan. This is the way to go, people! I'm so glad . Please feel free to post, if you are so inclined :)


Fan Videos

Posted by ebennett (Members) at Sat 16 Aug 2014, 13:23:39. 6 comments

Post Fan Videos you find

End of contract with Harvest Records

Posted by Ms Nomer (Members) at Sun 10 Aug 2014, 05:21:30. 34 comments

Via TTY: http://true-to-you.net/morrissey_news_140809_01

9 August 2014

Harvest Records

Three weeks after the release of Morrissey's World Peace Is None Of Your Business (#2 UK, #14 US), Capitol Records/Harvest have ended their relationship with Morrissey, as directed by label boss Steve Barnett.
Morrissey is once again in search of a record label.

The Hot Press Interview - a sneak preview...

Posted by John E Maher (Members) at Wed 6 Aug 2014, 23:00:08. 10 comments

"Always a bit wary of the press, the Mancunian star talks exclusively to Hot Press as his new album World Peace Is None Of Your Business kicks Mozzamania into gear.

On the agenda? Global politics, his new album, the Royal Family, Tony Blair, Brendan Behan, Bashar al-Assad and much more, while he opens up about his recent health issues for the first time.

Finding him in suitably defiant mood – “I’m generally already on an unswayable path and there’s not much anyone can do to get me off it apart from kill me. Some try… understandably” – our man Stuart Clark gets to hear Morrissey’s thoughts on everything from sex symbols, Jimmy Savile and drugs to Israel, his new record deal and the amazing Mrs. Shufflewick.
Fans will be fascinated as he reflects fully for the first time on his recent health problems (“I’ve been in so many hospitals lately that there’s hardly any point in me leaving”) and what they might mean for his future. “These physical failings are warning signs, and we’re all heading towards death,” he says.

Also up for discussion are Syria; celebrity chefs; the Scottish independence vote and his instant Penguin Classic, Autobiography.

The new issue of Hot Press with Morrissey on the cover can be ordered from hotpress.com/shop/shop.php?product_id=11956239

- See more at: http://www.hotpress.com/Morrissey/news/World-exclusive-Morrissey-interview-in-the-new-Hot-Press/11957667.html#sthash.ztbiKMQP.dpuf

TTY Morrissey Statement

Posted by justme (Members) at Tue 5 Aug 2014, 22:14:06. 27 comments

Morrissey Statement

All we have is each other...

edited by mammaof3 to fix url link. :)

WPINOYB lyrics thread

Posted by justme (Members) at Mon 4 Aug 2014, 09:07:48. 5 comments

I'd like to start a discussion on WPINOYB lyrics. And I'd like to start with Drag the River. Sounds like a beautiful poem to me. What do you make of it? Who is the narrator of the story? :)

TTY: Hot Press

Posted by La Plus Heureuse (Members) at Sat 2 Aug 2014, 21:09:53. 6 comments

TTY: Hot Press

****All credit to intlplayboy, who first posted this on tumblr.****

Hot Press
2 August 2014

Hot Press

Morrissey has been interviewed by Ireland's Hot Press magazine. It is his only interview for World Peace Is None Of Your Business, and it is available on August 7th (Thursday).
Morrissey is finalising plans for concerts in Athens (Greece), Istanbul (Turkey) and Rome (Italy), and he is hoping to include Bucharest (Romania) and Budapest (Hungary). A concert at Dublin's 02 has been finalised.

TTY: Morrissey Refutes Ex-Bodyguard's Claim as "Vexatious Lie"

Posted by La Plus Heureuse (Members) at Wed 30 Jul 2014, 14:25:33. 54 comments

Morrissey's former bodyguard sues

According to pitchfork.com... (WTF?!?!!)

Morrissey's Bodyguard Sues, Claims Morrissey Wanted Him to "Hurt" Fan Site Operator
Says he was fired for not wanting "to get rid of" man behind Morrissey-solo.com

Morrissey's former bodyguard, Bradley Steyn, has filed a lawsuit against the singer, TMZ reports. Steyn claims that he was fired from his job for refusing a request to "hurt" the operator of the fan site Morrissey-solo.com.
According to TMZ, Moz thought the site "invaded his personal life" and asked Steyn if the fan behind it "could get hurt". The suit claims that Morrissey's tour manager asked if the fan "could be gotten rid of" and discussed how to get the man's address. Steyn refused to comply with the request, and was dismissed shortly thereafter.

Morrissey has yet to comment on the allegations.

The lawsuit marks the latest flare-up in the continued soap opera that constitutes Morrissey's year so far. Earlier this Spring, an over-eager fan slammed into the singer during his North American tour opener in at San Jose, California, forcing the band to cut their show short. He later scrapped all scheduled dates, blaming the cancellation on a respiratory infection he claimed had been given to him by opening act Kristeen Young (who later released a statement denying the charges, claiming she had allergies, rather than an infection).

WPINOYB critical acclaim in the UK

Posted by justme (Members) at Thu 24 Jul 2014, 08:39:15. 0 comments

WPINOYB is getting many, many reviews ( even from your neighbor next door who happens to have a blog) which made me wonder when did Morrissey become so popular?

In any case what is strikingly obvious is the critical acclaim from the UK press. Just to make my point clear:

NME - 9/10
UNCUT - 8/10
Mojo - 4/5
Q - 4/5
Record Collector - 4/5
The Guardian - 4/5
The Observer - 4/5
The Independent -4/5
The Times - 4/5
Telegraph - 3/5

Even the tabloids such as the Sun, daily mail and mirror gave it 4/5.

This, coupled with a #2 in the UK chart is a great success :thumbs

Is this Morrissey's best reviewed solo album in the UK? And why do you think that is, apart from the obvious quality of the album? (I personally blame Gustavo ;) )

Answers on a postcard, please ;)

Reappraisal:Morrissey got better after The Smiths Broke up

Posted by justme (Members) at Fri 18 Jul 2014, 18:35:35. 2 comments

A very interesting article. :thumbs

New Statesman

Album Charts are important business

Posted by Ms Nomer (Members) at Fri 18 Jul 2014, 12:28:05. 13 comments

TTY: Elaine Stritch dies

Posted by Auntie_Mabel (Members) at Thu 17 Jul 2014, 23:37:06. 6 comments

Elaine Stritch dies
17 July 2014

Elaine Stritch dies

Elaine was my friend for a while. She was, of course, a demented genius - in loveable ways.
Can we appreciate the people who are around us right now? The answer, of course, is No, for we are all pathetic human beings.

It takes death for us to say aloud: thank you for everything, Elaine Stritch.

Switzerland, 2014.


Under the hood of Morrissey's WPINOYB

Posted by justme (Members) at Thu 17 Jul 2014, 00:24:39. 3 comments

I loved this interview and thought it deserved its own topic

WPINOYB interview

WPINOYB deluxe album -top 5

Posted by justme (Members) at Tue 15 Jul 2014, 08:56:53. 11 comments

So, the great day has arrived and I suppose it's safe to say you've all listened to the album. :thumbs

So if you could only choose 5 songs from WPINOYB ( deluxe ) which ones would you pick? And why? :guitar

Letters to Morrissey

Posted by justme (Members) at Thu 3 Jul 2014, 21:55:54. 4 comments


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