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Morrissey prefers Prince to the Queen

Posted by goinghome (Members) at Sun 24 Apr 2016, 13:56:26. 6 comments

24 April 2016

Prince, RIP

Posted Image

Although a long-serving vegan and a strong advocate of the abolition of the abattoir, neither of these points was mentioned in the one hundred television reports that I witnessed yesterday as they covered the enchanted life and sad death of Prince. The points were not mentioned because they are identified as expressions against e$tabli$hment interests, therefore we, mere galley slaves, aren't allowed to know.

Prince has influenced the world more than is suspected, and somehow the life of his music is just beginning, and he would be thanked not only by humans but also animals for living his lyrical life as he did. Humans, you see, are not the world.
Meanwhile, on the same day that Prince melts away in physical form, London and England remain two very different countries, and in London the news media (under tyrannized instructions from Buckingham Palace) are informing the world that Her Royal Slyness is celebrating her 90th birthday, and we are assured that all of the United Kingdom is celebrating a monarch who has "served" (that is, served herself, not the people) for over 60 years. There is no evidence of celebrations, and in fact there are hushed reports of national indifference. In this mental maze the marrow of the matter has been grasped by everyone: monarchy is the new anarchy. It is the face of white supremacy, social repression, tyranny, oppression, thought control, big stick control, minority rule, dictatorship, and, on the streets beyond SW1, unfairness. All that can be honestly celebrated on Elizabeth's 90th birthday is the reality that she is the end of the family line. What else could her point be?

Prince, who made something of his life as opposed to having fortune handed to him, is far more 'royal' than Elizabeth 2, and he will be mourned far more than she, for she could never make herself loveable, no matter how many paid and promoted non-stories flood the newspapers of the world. The laughing gulls of Buckingham Palace will never allow you to forget who wields the stick. And, of course, we know very well what gulls tend to do on the people below.
Prince is the royal that people love, whereas Elizabeth 2 was thrust on the people who have never been asked whether or not they want her.

22 April 2016.

Morrissey once said of Prince: "If Prince came from Wigan he would have been slaughtered by now." -

That link also reveals that a drum sample from Prince's Housequake was used by Stephen Street for Morrissey's Late Night Maudlin Street.

And Prince quoted Morrissey to reinforce his point in a 2011 interview: "Of the big record labels, he says: "There have been lessons learned, that's for sure. I like what Morrissey said about how, isn't it funny how all their acts go to number one? They go on the cover of Rolling Stone after one release. It took me four albums. The record companies, they have become like carjackers." - http://www.independent.ie/entertainment/music/the-royal-visit-26755148.html

Other updates:
Likely prescribed meds overdose - http://www.tmz.com/2016/04/22/prince-od-percocet-death/

Prince's memorial service - http://www.tmz.com/2016/04/23/prince-memorial-paisley-park-flowers/

A thoughtful point about perspective given that 500 immigrants, human beings with hopes and dreams too, died the same day - http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/when-we-mourn-the-passing-of-prince-but-not-500-migrants-we-have-to-ask-have-we-lost-all-sense-of-a6997581.html


Victoria Wood R.I.P.

Posted by goinghome (Members) at Thu 21 Apr 2016, 10:10:49. 0 comments

Another sad shock:

- 20 April 2016

Victoria Wood, RIP

Tears today for my dear friend Victoria Wood.
So unbearable that it cannot be true.

I am lost.

Morrissey -


And some more juicy reminiscence about them here, including mention of their unusual marriage!

Your Arsenal Studio Outtakes (2016 Redux)

Posted by HIPSTERDISCO (Members) at Sat 9 Apr 2016, 08:00:44. 7 comments

Audio source : Irregular Regular° & Anonymous* @ morrissey-solö

Morrissey and Warner Social Media

Posted by goinghome (Members) at Wed 6 Apr 2016, 20:14:14. 9 comments

(I started looking for a social media thread; feel free to add if there's one)

6 April 2016

Warner UK

A Smiths/Morrissey Google alerts/Twitter account has been opened by Warner UK. Morrissey would like to stress that this account has not been sanctioned by him and has no connection to him. Follow it at your peril.
- http://true-to-you.net/morrissey_news_160406_01

At least they haven't forgotten him. Why would they, I suppose, when the cash is still coming in?

Interview with Stephen Street

Posted by mammaof3 (Mods) at Mon 28 Mar 2016, 18:11:07. 2 comments

A-hunting we will go

Posted by Reggie Peppery (Members) at Sun 20 Mar 2016, 16:18:42. 2 comments

A-Hunting we will go !

Posted Image

We agree with 'Prince' William that some trophy hunting is great fun.

Here are the trophy-heads we would most like to see on our walls.

All of the beasts above have no social use, are infirm, lazy, useless, unemployable and are also England's most famous benefit scroungers - on whom the Conservative government are apparently determined to crack down.

We, the people ...


Casting for new movie Steven

Posted by Viva Moz (Members) at Sun 20 Mar 2016, 10:35:32. 4 comments

If 'Prince' William were black...

Posted by Reggie Peppery (Members) at Fri 18 Mar 2016, 10:18:33. One comment

If Prince' William Were Black ...

Additionally, if 'Prince' William had endorsed shooting and killing this week, as he has, but 'just happened' to be black, not only would the media blast him to oblivion, but he would also be arrested and would have his many, many firearms confiscated. Obviously gun laws only exist in order to enforce upon people who are poor.

Secondly, William The Terrible laments the fact that many species will be wiped out by the time his daughter is 25 (by which he means 'she will have nothing to kill'), yet he is too dense to realize that species are mainly being wiped out by people such as himself and his even-dimmer brother.

William laments on behalf of his daughter, yet he doesn't understand that all of the animals that he kills for fun are also daughters and sons and parents.

William The Terrible refers to 'trophy hunting' as if this were 1907. There is no longer any such thing as 'trophy hunting'. It is as obsolete as the notion of a family that could possibly be considered royal.

William, why endorse the killing of anything? What is it about you that cannot survive without killing?

Posted Image

If any animal living freely can manage to survive to reach an 'old age', why shoot it? Should it not be cherished for its determination against born killers such as 'Prince' William?

Today Kensington Palace has attempted to counterbalance the bad publicity William The Terrible received for his usual kill!-kill!-kill! statements by running a smiling story of him presenting Irish soldiers with a shamrock. Well, big deal. No sign of William celebrating the disintegration of SeaWorld. This is BBC reality, and no wonder England is morally bankrupt.

William, please go away - to any of the many other islands owned by your grandmother. Go there. Stay there. Spare us of your children, and for your own sake, say not another word. You are an intellectual embarrassment.

17 March 2016.

TTY: Richard Davalos, RIP

Posted by JoanOfArc (Members) at Sat 12 Mar 2016, 15:18:06. 5 comments

Richard Davalos, RIP


11 March 2016

Richard Davalos, RIP

Posted Image

No words, sadness, no words, sadness.
Life is a pigsty.

9 March 2016

TTY, Morrissey: Mayor of London?

Posted by Reggie Peppery (Members) at Fri 4 Mar 2016, 20:20:23. 15 comments

Posted Image

Morrissey has been invited to become the London Mayoral candidate for the Animal Welfare Party in the upcoming 2016 election. Morrissey would require 330 signatures of support in order to enter the race, and is considering the contest very seriously.

Morrissey has commented:

"Animal welfare groups cannot persist simply in order to continue to persist. There must be a governmental voice against the hellish and archaic social injustice allotted to animals in the United Kingdom simply because those animals do not speak English, otherwise millions of very caring citizens are greatly concerned about issues that no one is able to do anything about. What animal protectionists need to say is very well worth saying and well worth hearing. But we cannot just sit around waiting for establishment enlightenment. The sanctimonious disaster of animal agriculture cannot be allowed to go on forever, because its widespread impact is hellish. Animals in dairy farms and abattoirs are very eager not to die, yet their bodies are torn apart whilst still alive as they are strapped beneath a blade. No outcome can justify this, and we cannot be happy with a society that allows it to happen, because such a society without compassion goes nowhere. The abattoir is the modern continuation of the Nazi concentration camp, and if you are a part of the milk-drinking population, then you condone systems of torture. There is no such thing as humane slaughter, and if you believe that there is, then why not experience it for yourself? If animal serial killer Jamie Oliver feels so passionate about including 'kid meat' (young goat) into the human diet, would he consider putting forth one of his own kids (children) for general consumption? If not, why not? What makes such people have absolutely no forgiveness towards animals? What hate drives them? The meat industry, after all, shows no compassion towards the planet, towards climate change, towards animals, towards human health. It is diabolically contrived and is the world's number one problem. It is also the number one issue stifled from any political debate, which, if anything, highlights its importance. The slaughterhouse effectively means that none of us are safe. Just investigate the appalling effects of meat production on our climate, environment, fields, forests, lakes, streams, seas, air and space. Your eyes will pop. No bigger global disaster could possibly be devised. Social justice for animals is not much to demand, because we are only asking humans to think rationally and with heart, even if being unable to hunt foxes and shoot birds would leave the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha family with nothing else to do."

Above photograph source unknown. Printed here with respect and thanks.


Posted by Reggie Peppery (Members) at Sat 13 Feb 2016, 23:51:55. 13 comments

Posted Image
Enfeebled Image, chosen by Supreme for promotional campaign without Morrissey's approval. Photograph taken by Terry Richardson

Posted Image
Vivid and in his prime, image taken by Sam Esty Rayner, with Morrissey's approval.


I apologize enormously for the enfeebled photograph of me issued this week by Supreme. The shot was taken in October 2015. I considered the photograph to be fit only for a medical encyclopedia and I pleaded with Supreme not to use it. This was before I learned that Supreme were sponsored in part by the beef sandwich pharaoh known as White Castle. Supreme were issued with a legal caution not to use the photograph and their fee would be returned. Evidently Supreme have ignored my lawyer. No safety within the corridors of law. Ugh.

I offer excessive apologies for this association. Shame is indeed the name.

13 February 2016.

Please Note, Supreme have issued a reply, and Morrissey has now responded to their reply

TTY: Photomontages by Sam Esty Raynor

Posted by Reggie Peppery (Members) at Thu 11 Feb 2016, 07:19:13. 8 comments


Posted Image

Photomontage by Sam Esty Rayner

edited title by mammaof3 in order to put all the photomontages in one thread for discussion.

To Me You Are a Work of Art

Posted by Reggie Peppery (Members) at Tue 2 Feb 2016, 06:28:33. 20 comments

Posted Image

To Me You Are A Work Of Art is a photographic collection of tattoos showcasing love, dedication and passion for Morrissey and the Smiths.

This 192-page hardcover book was compiled by Julian Chavez and Anthony Amor, with a special heartfelt foreword graciously written by MORRISSEY.

The book is limited to 2,000 copies worldwide and is now available at the following website.


The Labels Won't Listen

Posted by Reggie Peppery (Members) at Mon 1 Feb 2016, 21:52:53. 2 comments

Posted Image

Hosted at True To You.

Picture / Photomontage credited to Sam Esty Rayner

TTY: Sir Terry Wogan, RIP

Posted by mammaof3 (Mods) at Sun 31 Jan 2016, 16:50:46. 2 comments


Sir Terry Wogan, RIP
31 January 2016

Sir Terry Wogan, RIP
Time is not as it was. I only met Terry Wogan once, and he approached me (which makes all the difference), and was as genuine and charming as the entire world, today, is saying that he was. So very witty, yet never hurtful ... razor-sharp yet respectful - and, incredibly, one of the few radio DJs with no qualms about playing the Smiths or Morrissey. I am thankful to him.

31 January 2016.

David Bowie R.I.P.

Posted by goinghome (Members) at Mon 11 Jan 2016, 17:51:10. 12 comments

I'm so sorry. Major loss to the world in many fields.

Mr Davie Bowie has died - http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/david-bowie-dead-legendary-artist-854364

Due to Morrissey's involvement with Bowie, I think this deserves its own thread. No one escapes, I suppose, but he lives on in a unique legacy at least.

And this, which used to show the actual shared performance of Cosmic Dancer, when Morrissey supported Bowie on tour:

Morrissey's cover of Bowie's song, Drive In Saturday, with a David mention:

Nice piece by The Guardian - http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/jan/11/my-david-bowie-alive-forever
Lots more incoming too - http://www.theguardian.com/music/davidbowie - including the story of one presenter who announced the death of David Cameron today instead! - http://www.theguardian.com/media/2016/jan/11/radio-presenter-david-cameron-david-bowie

And a 1987 Irish video interview from when he played Slane that year, showing his thoughtful bright personality - http://www.theguardian.com/media/2016/jan/11/radio-presenter-david-cameron-david-bowie

Mr Reynolds, a Prince among men!

Posted by Reggie Peppery (Members) at Tue 5 Jan 2016, 21:10:39. 3 comments

A thread for us all to thank Mr Reynolds, I alluded to him in my recent thread on the leaks and demos, but since he has now acknowledged himself as provider of at least some of the recent Demos I think it's high time we doffed our caps to him!!!

He is a true gentleman, whose contribution should never be misunderestimated!!!

Can I point out he has a great thread of Morrissey covers on this site too! I believe only part three is available as of now, please catch it before it is gone!

Mr Reynolds I salute you wiith enormous respect!


Morrissey Solo and Smiths Demos Leaked...

Posted by Reggie Peppery (Members) at Tue 29 Dec 2015, 18:24:07. 11 comments

OK nobody else is mentioning but over at Solo a number of Smiths and Solo Morrissey demos have been leaked, most notably Nobody Loves Us, Unloveable and Never Had No One Ever...amongst the 9 in total...

Before I go any further i would like to say thanks to those who shared, Solow is a miserable excuse for a fansite, but still throws up gems from time-to-time which is why I call by, but never participate.

My goodness me, who knows what's coming next??? I hope its the version of 'Paint a Vulgar Picture' with the alternate lyrics!


I haven't linked to Morrissey Solo or Uncleskinny or Michaels Bones pages, but just go to news page at Solo and you'll find out for you selves...

From Hipster Discos Page....

And a big thumbs up to our very kind friend ;-)

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