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♡Happy Birthday Morrissey!♡

Posted by JoanOfArc (Members) at Tue 22 May 2018, 07:37:13. 4 comments

♡♡♡Happy Birthday to the most beautiful man in the world!!!♡♡♡

New Single Release Details...

Posted by Reggie Peppery (Members) at Sat 19 May 2018, 23:24:17. 11 comments

The fourth single release from Low In High School is issued by BMG Records. All The Young People Must Fall In Love is a re-mix by Bob Clearmountain, and the B-side is Rose Garden, live from The Grand Ole’ Opry in Tennessee. The song was originally a worldwide hit for Lynn Anderson in 1970.Morrissey’s single is available on 7-inch vinyl and as a download.
Morrissey will play Manchester Castlefield Arena on July 7, and Dalhalla Arena in Rattvik, Sweden on July 19.

Posted Image

Morrissey Manchester Show.

Posted by Reggie Peppery (Members) at Sat 19 May 2018, 22:54:16. 2 comments

Morrissey will play Manchester on July 7th. Tickets will be on sale within the next week, plus full venue information and invited guests. BMG Records will issue a fourth single from the album Low In High School for July release.

The venue is Castlefield Arena.

Posted on MorrisseyCentral.com 19/05/18


Morrissey will play BERLIN Mercedes-Benz Arena on Sunday, 15 July.

Statement from Morrissey: For Britain

Posted by Reggie Peppery (Members) at Fri 20 Apr 2018, 08:21:44. 42 comments

I despise racism.

I despise fascism.

I would do anything for my Muslim friends, and I know they would do anything for me.

In view of this, there is only one British political party that can safeguard our security.

That party is For Britain.

Please give them a chance. Listen to them. Do not be influenced by the tyrannies of the MSM who will tell you that For Britain are racist or fascist - please believe me, they are the very opposite!!! Please do not close your mind.

Labour is hopelessly naive.

Theresa May’s policies have turned Britain into a international target.

The BBC has closed down.

The Loony Left is concerned only with victim culture.

For Britain will keep British society together. Violence is not the way forward.
There are many problems in modern Britain that have become too large for Theresa May to deal with - mostly because she created them in the first place. The press appear to deal only in fashionable outrage; inflammatory and unjust comments against any new party that threatens the same old bloody pointless two-party system.

Please give For Britain a chance. They will bring an end to the modern Westminster mania for self-destruction. For Britain is the bulldog breed that will never surrender. Both Labour and Conservatives have already sold you down the river into righteous oblivion.

This is my last political strike. No wish to upset anyone! But the time has come to fight, and Labour and the Conservatives have their backs to the sea.

Are you capable of change?

Thank you, and peace for all of us


20 April 2018

Lost Studio Track!

Posted by mammaof3 (Mods) at Tue 17 Apr 2018, 20:09:21. 7 comments

Morrissey interview - Morrissey Central

Posted by Reggie Peppery (Members) at Mon 16 Apr 2018, 19:00:35. 23 comments

Massive new article at Morrissey Central, we are asked not to share/repost without permission, so I won’t! The interview is big and in it Morrissey asks a great many questions about the state of Britain, and the world today! He also suggested he may be suing Spin! (I hope he does! Morrissey should confront these people who shout racist or facist wherever they lurk!)


Morrissey Central: Messages From Morrissey

Posted by mammaof3 (Mods) at Sun 1 Apr 2018, 01:53:20. 39 comments

Sam Esty Rayner Photography shared a link.
1 hr ·


Why The Independent hates independence
March 28, 2018
The importance of an artist (or political figure) is sometimes evident in the efforts taken to silence them. Two weeks ago, with stiff-backed priggishness, The Independent printed an extreme Hate Piece so loaded with vile bile that it almost choked on its own endless capacity to be appalled. As its target, it seemed evident that The Independent found me so morally shredded and physically repulsive that I appeared to fascinate them, whilst it also seemed obvious that any announcement of my painful death would make them laugh loudly. Yes, this is what we’re dealing with. Their moral outrage is certain that it has hit upon something as they take a stab at just about everything whilst hitting nothing.
Telford grooming gangs? Hardly worth a whisper in The Independent. Instead let’s demonize Morrissey - who deserves our indefatigable abuse since he appears to be saying some things that many people are actually thinking. To truthophobics, I am apparently worse than useless.

You see, The Independent ‘newspaper’ isn’t actually a paper with news, and it will express only the views of their editor/dictator, whose name is Christian Broughton. What he will tell us is happening and what we see is happening are two entirely different things. In order to find out the truth of anything, you must take note of what Christian Broughton does not allow into print.
My manager (Peter Katsis) spoke to Christian Broughton after the Hate Piece had appeared, and he asked why Broughton had sanctioned such a diabolically contrived and bitterly inaccurate mess. Broughton pointed out that “it would be difficult to find anyone at The Independent
who agreed with Morrissey’s views.” This almost- illiterate reply fully reveals The Independent’s dog-yapping will to destroy anyone with a view that doesn’t match their own. The Independent, you see, must supervise and censor art - that is their function.
But what are my views? And why do they ‘get at’ the stiff boundaries of The Independent? And what is The Independent independent of? Truth? Shame? They state confidently that, when I recently asked a packed audience at Glasgow Arena if they actually liked Nicola Sturgeon, that half the audience walked out in disgust towards me. As you can guess, without any principals of justice. The Glasgow audience, in fact, roared a deafening “NOOOOO!” in reply to the question, and not one person was known to have left the venue in protest. The Independent is willing to lie to its readers in order to create a skewed truth, and to hell with any principals of justice. If the newspaper is willing to take such silly risks with very basic facts then what on earth could they report that you would actually believe? They tell their readers that I “loathe Nicola Sturgeon” (which is untrue), and they explain by way of sneering slur how I am “loving Brexit”.

I believe I have mentioned Brexit twice in my entire life, and neither comment expressed love. I had explained how Brexit had been a strike for democracy because of the disgust that the political elite had shown towards the people who did not vote the way that they were warned to by media bullies. But why attack anyone who loves Brexit? Almost two years on from the result, the EU still has not allowed the UK to leave its clutches - which simply explains exactly why the Leave campaigners voted as they did in the first place. Doesn’t it twig?
However, any Brexit loathing by The Independent does not reflect majority opinion, and this lends them no independent thought whatsoever, but blind bureaucratic arrogance instead. This is symptomatic of a modern, shredded British society, where free speech no longer exists. When the print media are lost for a reply, they simply change the subject by naming their
opponent as ‘racist’, which is the perfect ploy because most people are naturally appalled to be called racist, and they step back in silence, and the debate collapses unresolved. Use of the word often only ever comes from people who themselves are intolerant. It works. Even though England introduced the world to democracy, great art and great literature, it is now leading the way with a dark and largely hidden agenda where no one is entitled to disagree; only one interest and opinion must prevail within the print media. Art is now fully outside tabloid journalism, and the gaping hole shrieks at us via the commercial arena with its automatic laughter and the impotent emotion of reality TV. The American genius William Burroughs was once interviewed on Radio 1 in the 1970s. Today’s Radio 1 is such an intellectually paralyzed blast of surface that it would not remotely consider interviewing anyone of the nature or intellect of Burroughs. Is civilization over? The cannibalistic mobile grave known as The Guardian suggests so. Thrilled at the knowledge of their own power, both The Guardian and The Independent daily confirm the views of everyone who morally objects to them (and The News of The World turns in its urn.) Their intolerant and totalitarian criticism of others reveals so much about themselves. Perhaps newspapers just cannot keep up with the open-ness and tolerance of internet news sites? The future of The Independent seems only a question of your commitment to it. It claims that I support Harvey Weinstein - someone about whom I know almost nothing. I do not believe I could recognize him in photographs. The Independent also claims that my audience have deserted me - yet this month I have completed my most successful UK tour, selling 22,000 tickets in London alone, selling out concerts at Alexandra Palace, The London Palladium, Brixton Academy and The Royal Albert Hall, all played within the space of 8 days. The Independent has an almost breathless capacity for misinformation and deception. Its uncontested rules of hate are like a fully drawn bow aiming its arrow at 42 targets, yet hitting none; bitter at the core, yet taking a stab, as its writer moves with one-way-or-another-you-will-remember-my-name outrage.

I am neither Loony Left nor Far Right. I am a humanitarian. I have not ever once voted in a British election because I have not ever discovered a party that represents my views. My main social concern is the abolition of the abattoir, the continued existence of which in modern times is beyond sane belief.
I confess that my life in music has been stunted by shyness, and this remains. I am too interior, and this can often seem like bone splitting arrogance. But it is not. I do not want to be like anyone else in music because there is no point. I want to bring something different into view. When I attempt to clarify, I will admit that it often sounds like an attack. I believe England can look after itself. It does not need the EU to police its laws, its thought, its borders or its liberty. It does not take a genius to arrive at this viewpoint.

Because The Independent cannot keep their own views under control, it seems obvious to me that we must source our information from alternative news outlets - they, at any rate, are telling us that we should. British mainstream media is now so politically correct that basic truth is actually impossible, and although it is obsessed with promoting social diversity they will not accept diverse opinion. Most British newspapers can only offer secrecy. When news is offered as opinion, it can only therefore be biased. Last year I completed a questionnaire for The Daily Mail in which one of their questions was ‘Whom do you most dislike?’. I replied ‘Theresa May, because of her support for killing foxes and badgers.’ The questionnaire appeared in print, but the Theresa May reply was missing because it obviously didn’t fit with the Mail’s political position as Theresa May’s personal notice-board. Journalists only ever talk to other journalists, it seems.

‘The London intellect, so pert and shallow,
like a stream that never reaches the ocean.’
E. M. Forster.

I have been criticized in the UK for so long (nowhere else!) that anything said about me no longer strikes me as a threat because I am still, after all, here. We should, I think, be striving for something more morally useful than whatever The Independent vomits out by way of spite.

Katie Boyle, who very sadly died this week, said “you have to accept [the press] telling complete lies about you. You can’t take legal action because that fans the flame.” I see what she means!

In 1887 the masthead of The New York Times began its famous slogan: All The News That’s Fit To Print.
In 2018, The masthead of The Independent should read All The Shit That’s Fit To Print. The Independent has tried to put me out of circulation: and viva hate, to that!


23 March 2018.

Kevin Cummins Morrissey Book

Posted by mammaof3 (Mods) at Thu 29 Mar 2018, 15:41:47. 0 comments

Kevin Cummins
6 hrs ·
Here’s the cover (in progress) of my forthcoming #Morrissey book - published 5 Sept.
Posted Image



Morrissey on TNT series SesioneS

Posted by mammaof3 (Mods) at Fri 23 Mar 2018, 00:42:21. 5 comments

Mozzerians shared SesioneS con Alejandro Franco's photo.
8 mins ·
@OfficialMoz #Morrissey 🎤👑 and the boys to appear on TNT series @SesioneSconAF /Alejandro Franco TOMORROW! @ 10pm (MEX time)

Info: https://www.tvcinews.com/…/morrissey-en-sesiones-con-alejan…
FHS Producciones

Posted Image

SesioneS con Alejandro FrancoLike Page
3 hrs · Instagram ·
Mañana 10 PM - MEX y por todo América Latina.⚡️ No te pierdas el último episodio de #SesioneS9 con uno de los creadores más emblemáticos de su generación Morrissey Official por #TNTseries #LiveFromMéxicoCity #MorrisseyEnSesioneS 🎬🔥🎸
Tomorrow 10 pm - mex and all over Latin America. ⚡️ don't miss the last episode of #session9 with one of the most emblematic creators of his generation Morrissey Official by #tntseries #livefromméxicocity #morrisseyensesiones 🎬🔥🎸

Watch Morrissey Live on Sale el Sol

Posted by mammaof3 (Mods) at Thu 15 Mar 2018, 16:24:17. 8 comments

Sale el Sol
Like This Page · 21 mins ·

Family already arrived Morrissey Official are you ready? It's about to go on the air...
Posted Image

Roberto Ferdenzi
7 mins ·
Watch Morrissey Official LIVE on Sale el Sol on link below...


Edited to add video:

Morrissey Live on Sale el Sol - on youtube (song starts at about 4 min mark)

Home is a ?

Posted by Reggie Peppery (Members) at Tue 6 Mar 2018, 20:30:44. 9 comments

VEVO have only gone and done it again!

Home is a question mark, arguably the most “Morrissey” song Morrissey has ever written! An instant classic, sure to be in the top 5 of every fans all time list of great songs!
This song begs to be released as a double A sided single, with “I beg your pardon” (I never promised you a Rose Garden).

Royal Albert Hall Tickets

Posted by Mattissey (Members) at Tue 6 Mar 2018, 10:41:16. 2 comments

Hello everyone, I'm not sure on the forum rules here so please feel free to delete! But if allowed, I have 2 tickets for Morrissey tomorrow at the Royal Albert Hall for sale as we can't make it anymore.

They are pretty much the best seats in the house - Arena A, Row 10. They cost me £220 in total, but as its such short notice I will accept £150 as I'm keen to sell.

Any takers?

I wish you lonely...live version on Vevo

Posted by Reggie Peppery (Members) at Tue 27 Feb 2018, 20:18:21. 4 comments

This just came up as a selected video for me, Morrisseys VEVO channel has released a live version of I wish you lonely...I guess that confirms what we are all suspecting!

Morrissey urges Michael Creed to ban fur farming

Posted by mammaof3 (Mods) at Wed 21 Feb 2018, 21:17:25. 3 comments


Morrissey urges Michael Creed to ban fur farming

Musician outlines concerns to Minister in a letter on behalf of animal welfare group Peta
Mon, Feb 19, 2018, 00:02

Musician Morrissey has written to Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed calling for a ban on fur farming.

The former Smiths frontman, an animal activist, thanked Mr Creed for banning wild animal circuses last year and urged him to “continue on this progressive path by also outlawing fur farming” in the State.

The letter, on behalf of animal welfare group Peta, said: “Ireland has three fur farms, on which 200,000 minks are jammed into squalid cages and denied the opportunity to roam, swim, or care for their young

“This confinement causes them such psychological distress that many go insane and mutilate themselves.”

Gassed to death

The singer-songwriter added: “They’re killed when they’re only about six months old, crammed by the dozens into a box and gassed to death. And for what? A stale ‘status symbol’ that nobody wants to wear any more.”

Peta said the United Kingdom, Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and the Netherlands had all banned fur farming and that Norway announced its own ban last month.

In November, Mr Creed signed regulations banning the use of wild animals in circuses.

“The use of wild animals for entertainment purposes in circuses can no longer be permitted. This is the general view of the public at large and a position I am happy to endorse,” he said at the time. “This is a progressive move, reflective of our commitment to animal welfare.”

– PA

via facebook:
‎Riccardo De Dominicis‎ to There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
42 mins ·

Posted Image

new Linder Sterling interview

Posted by Maladjusted1 (Members) at Wed 14 Feb 2018, 04:31:00. 3 comments

Here is the link to a new Linder Sterling interview from The Star. It's a fascinating chat about her work and her career as an artist. And of course she talks a bit about Moz.


Also, earlier today more tickets were released for some of the sold out UK shows, including Royal Albert Hall. If you haven't gotten tickets for the show or shows you want to see because you thought they were sold out, look again. You may be in luck!

new Kevin Cummins photo book

Posted by Maladjusted1 (Members) at Mon 12 Feb 2018, 03:45:19. 3 comments

In the fall of 2018, Kevin Cummins is releasing a coffee table book of over 150 of his photos of Morrissey. Also included will be the stories behind the photos and what it was like working with Morrissey. Amazon is taking pre-orders now to guarantee the $39.99 price.


New single "My Love, I'd Do Anything For You" 7" Mar. 2, 2018

Posted by actionman (Members) at Wed 7 Feb 2018, 07:31:37. 9 comments

New single "My Love, I'd Do Anything For You" 7" listed on Amazon.co.uk (Mar. 2, 2018)


The next Morrissey album - 6 songs already recorded

Posted by John E Maher (Members) at Thu 1 Feb 2018, 01:03:55. 9 comments

Don't know how widely known this is but it sounds like the following 6 songs (Morrissey/Boorer) are recorded and ready to go, and there are plans to return to the studio soon and finish enough for a new album (according to a 2018 Joe Chicarelli interview).

1. Brow of My Beloved
2. Diana Dors
3. I Couldn't Understand Why People Laughed
4. Lover To Be
5. This Song Doesn't End When It's Over
6. Blue Dreamer's Eyes

“There is a light that never goes out” saves young boy.

Posted by Reggie Peppery (Members) at Sat 27 Jan 2018, 21:37:11. 0 comments

Manchester mother Sharon Woolley gives a very touching interview to BBC Radio wherein she credits Morrissey and Marr for giving her the energy, in her darkest hour, to rally and to save her young sons life...a tragic story that, miraculously, had a happy ending!

Sharon’s story...


Sharon was only one of a number of people who shared the significance of “There is a light that never goes out” in their lives, the full show is available by clicking this link...


‘Classically Smiths’ to perform hits with orchestra...

Posted by Reggie Peppery (Members) at Mon 22 Jan 2018, 06:54:41. 14 comments

Rourke, Joyce and Gannon have revealed their new project, several days after teasing images suggesting a new “Smiths” project was underway, they are going to perform the hits of the Smiths accompanied with a full orchestra!

Manchester, London and Edinburgh are first to get gigs in late June and early July, with a full itinerary and guest singer list to be revealed in due course. Tickets go on sale this Friday (26th January).


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