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TTY: Salt Lake City

Posted by crashingbore (Members) at Sun 29 Mar 2015, 19:36:35. 2 comments


28 March 2015

Salt Lake City

Morrissey is confirmed to play in Salt Lake City (Utah) on Saturday, July 18. The venue is The Depot.

TTY: Kiss Me A Lot release

Posted by mammaof3 (Mods) at Wed 25 Mar 2015, 18:51:50. 11 comments


Kiss Me A Lot' release
25 March 2015

'Kiss Me A Lot' release

Morrissey's Kiss Me A Lot will be newly available on iTunes from the evening of March 26th onwards.
Morrissey has commented:

"I humbly ask for all and any support with this download release, which, has always been waiting in the wings if not for unpleasant circumstances familiar enough not to be repeated here. Thank you to Atom Factory for making this happen, and here's to sound reason, good times, and music that matters."

1-hour Morrissey special on TXFM

Posted by goinghome (Members) at Sat 21 Mar 2015, 23:53:53. 0 comments

You can listen back to 1 hour of Morrissey songs from his solo career. It includes several versions of tracks I'd never heard before.

Morrissey to appear on on 'Alan Carr: Chatty Man?'

Posted by mammaof3 (Mods) at Thu 12 Mar 2015, 21:08:03. 7 comments

Posted in an article on NME.com - not confirmed on TTY yet.


excerpt from NME

Morrissey to appear on 'Alan Carr: Chatty Man
Singer will appear on second episode of new series later this month

Morrissey has been confirmed as one of the guests on the upcoming series of Alan Carr: Chatty Man.

The Channel 4 chat show returns to TV on March 20 and Morrissey will appear on the second episode, due to air on March 27. He will chat and perform 'Kiss Me A Lot' from the 2014 album 'World Peace Is None Of Your Business'.

Other guests joining Morrissey on the same episode include Elijah Wood and former Coronation Street actress Michelle Keegan.

Morrissey statement on TTY 28 Feb

Posted by mammaof3 (Mods) at Wed 4 Mar 2015, 07:55:21. 0 comments

Ebay (yawn)
3 March 2015

Ebay (yawn)

The Morrissey clothes and shoes currently being sold on ebay to the 'highest, saddest bidder', are not mine, and were never mine. Please do not buy them.
For the 63rd time, I must stress - at the risk of boring you to death: ebay signatures and personal items are fake, fake, fake. Please beware.

28 February 2015


Noel Gallagher interview in the Quietus with detailed recap of night out with Morrissey & Russell

Posted by Ms Nomer (Members) at Mon 16 Feb 2015, 13:02:26. 2 comments


Before I go, I want to know more about your night out in LA with Morrissey that you've referred to in recent interviews – when he played you Brian Protheroe's Pinball, which influenced Riverman off the new record.

NG: Fucking hell, it was funny. I was in LA on holiday with Sara and the boys, and Russell [Brand] came to see us. And he goes, "What you doing tonight? I was with Morrissey last night, and he reckons we should go out for a drink." So Russell's texting him from my hotel room, saying, "It's on," and Morrissey's texting back, going [does pitch-perfect, drawling Morrissey impression] "Wonderful. Tell him to bring his credit card."

And we get to this gaff – this is like at seven in the evening – and I'm saying to Russell, "I'm up for it tonight, but I don't want to keep Sara up all night, we'll kick things in the head about two." And Russell snorts. "2 o'clock? We'll be out of here in 40 minutes! I can't handle Morrissey for more than 40 minutes: he's fucking mental!" So, we go in, and there he's sat, and I could write a book on that night.

Russell doesn't drink so me and Morrissey were roaring drunk. First thing, he got up and sort of shook my hand. I said, "Alright mate, how're you doing?" because I've met him at awards ceremonies, I've been on planes with him going to festivals. He'd just cancelled all the gigs in South America because he had whatever it was. So I go, "I thought you just cancelled a load of gigs, I thought you were at death's door." And he said [raises eyebrows, does the voice again] "Yet here I am".

So it just descended, and he was fucking hilarious. He doesn't have a good word to say about anyone, anyone, anything. At one point he was asking [the voice again] "Who do we find funny?" and I was like, "I don't know? Micky Flanagan?" and he'd just go [rolls eyes back in head, puts fingertips of stretched-out on table, shouts exasperatedly] "Micky Flanagan!!!!". And I'd say, "What about Jack Dee?" and he'd just go [leans forward and shout] "He! Is! Not! FUNN-Y!" Russell was just so nervous, and Morrissey was going, "Come on, come on, can't we drink champagne and get pissed." It just went on for quite a while, and he was brilliant.

And I have to tell you this story. I was saying to him, "So, when you were with The Smiths, the melodies that you wrote… well, you had all these words, but your way with melody is quite unique, it's not the blues and it's not pop, so did you have all these songs before you met Johnny?"

A good point!

NG: And he says [preens] "I did". And I was like, "Did you?" He said, "I had them on cassette". And I said, "But you can't play the guitar" He said, "No, no, but I had a little drum kit". And I said, "What, a drum kit?" and he said, "Yes, yes, yes". And I said, "What did you have a drum kit for?" and he said, "Well, not many people know this, but Rice Crispies once asked me to do a jingle for them". So I said, "Really? Did you do it?" and he said, "No, no, no, I wouldn't play it." The he paused and leaned over, and said, "I wouldn't wear the leather." [erupts in laughter]

And you know what: he never asked me a single fucking question about why I was in LA, what I was doing, Oasis splitting up, nothing. When you're with Morrissey, you're in the court of Morrissey. But he's a fucking uber-legend. What a top man.

TTY 10 Feb 2015 Music Awards Are None Of Your Business

Posted by goinghome (Members) at Wed 11 Feb 2015, 00:50:20. 2 comments

It's a veritable essay; lots to get our teeth into ; )

"Music awards are none of your business

Something suspicious is in the process for launch on February 25th, with which prewar primitives who remember the Smash Hits Awards will be familiar. It is one of those moments not unlike the hourly BBC News, where the elite decide what it is that the people want, and then slyly attempt to weave it into populist culture. It is the same whip used by the mass media when they tell you that something is happening because of public demand, the aggressive intention being that the people are shockingly naive enough to eventually echo whatever it is that the elite decides upon. Now, we are trammeled once again by what is termed the British Phonographic Industry Awards, insultingly termed The Brit Awards in much the same way that The Yank Awards might describe an American music extravaganza. The object of the Brit Awards is to create the impression of national consensus as they award pop artists of untested stature or value with bogus awards that, it is slyly implied, have been dictated by you, the objective listener. The Brit Awards do not ask the public who they would like to see receive awards - for that would be to risk too much, yet the fierce insistence is that artists are rewarded for their prominence in the previous twelve months because, after all, "it's what everybody wants." Thus, for 2015, we have MacDonna, who had a quiet 2014 (but who is quite usefully about to release her new album!), yet here she is again promoting her frightening career on the Brit Awards even though her music has not ever said anything at all about British life. Just as the Brits launch party highlighted a song that reached no higher than number 62 on the UK chart, it really is your own fault if you believe that this Awards show has any connection to anything other than the junk propaganda of the strongest labels gathering to share out awards for their own artists whom they plan to heavily promote in 2015. At its most honest, the Brit Awards are unfairly given to singers who, it is hoped, might be encouraged enough by the award to actually write a good song. Just as the Mercury Prize lands like a voodoo doll in the hands of the unlucky recipient (who is usually to be found selling mattresses ten months later), a Brit Award generally goes to a lot of shriveled young souls who have not earned it, yet none are likely to ask "are you sure I deserve it?" - possibly because they know the reply.

The International Male Solo nominees consist of singers who might very well have experienced a hit throughout Europe, but this doesn't mean that an international career has yet materialized. Even if the list of nominees are self-evidently of no artistic value, it is accepted that each nominee will earn a future career entirely because of their Brit nomination, which, alas, is occasionally true. The gateway to a successful 18 months is not a question of any special gift that the nominee might genuinely possess, but relies fully on the political business of being nominated. Imagine giving an actor a BAFTA award in order to encourage them to make a good film. This is precisely how the Brit Awards operate.

Fittingly, the Awards will be hosted by light entertainers Ant & Dec, neither of whom have anything to do with music, but their presence indicates the modern hold and control that telly-culture now dominates over the world of modern music, as it reminds us how success in modern music is fully shaped by the light entertainment establishment. This is self-evident in the insipid nature of the current pop chart - deserted by genuine music-lovers who understand that chart success represents strength of marketing campaign, and not either genuine popularity or musical worth. The fine paste explosion of X-factory smash-and-grab plasticity as it exploits dreamers who dream of dreaming, leaves us with a trash culture unable to produce one genuine star, and with a flux of tantrum-need species all of whom make the same point in exactly the same way, whilst posing an urgent threat to public health. British television is now so immersed in entertainment-as-culture's-core that, as writer Michael Bracewell notes:

"even if they made a program about Belsen they would probably get Dawn French to present it and an ASBO-ridden family from Beeston to move in and be filmed 'trying to cope.'"

Similarly, it seems unlikely that an end-of-the-world announcement would be believed nationally unless confirmed on BBC1 by Cheryl Cole whilst conditioning her hair. In short, Britain has been encouraged to become a nation of idiots (which, of course, is what it is not). But why has British culture become so debased? Why is it that only ideas-free and factory-farmed 'personalities' are encouraged? Is it simply because we are all easier to govern as long as we are free of any content? Well, yes. The sudden, manic rise in loud and overquick camera shots (for a populace presumed to have zero attention span); television sponsorship; persistent sports news for events attended by no one; the obvious lusty dictatorship of the "royal" family (the one and only British institution that we pray for the government to 'sell off' - preferably to China)... it all adds up to an underpattern of controlled obedience, and the notion of the BPI awards being handed out by genuine musicologists becomes as ludicrous a concept as witnessing someone on the Brit Awards coming perilously close to actually making a worthwhile point. Meanwhile, if we mourn the unlikely possibility of positive change in pop music, or if we dare suggest that change is even allowable, we are treated like mental patients.

In the guise of serving the public, the Brit Awards have hi-jacked modern music in order to kill off the heritage that produced so many interesting people, to such a degree that we could not imagine anyone who has ever truly affected the course of British music to be on stage at the 02 collecting a deserved award. The maximum trimmings divert your attention from the fact that Taylor Swift has nothing to do with Coventry or Wrexham. To pull off rank fraud in tellyland is not a difficult undertaking, especially if you have the entire population of Peru dancing around you as you mime your song. With solemn cathedral hush, we are asked to watch and to believe, and not to question our empty satisfaction, and certainly, with this year's line-up, the likelihood is that the audience at the London 02 will pay to get OUT. The larger truth may be that any singer or band of any dignity would not join the fantasy pudgery of the Brit Awards.

It is often said that only the sentimental-slanted will groan at the way talent is now so artificially shaped, but why shouldn't we? In much the same way that the BBC News present editorials instead of actual genuine news reports (we are absolutely assured by the BBC that Prince Andrew is innocent, even though the BBC has no possible way of knowing), the Brit Awards have come to define what is neither talent nor star, having paid no attention to what is true. Therefore, not having accepted a Brit Award indicates classical value for any artist who takes their music seriously, and if we must fold our hands and be grateful as Ant & Dec applaud the Teletubbies for their 'outstanding contribution to British music', we can at least be thankful that we are not nominated, because this means that you have probably advanced the good of music in your refusal to stand alongside what Michael Bracewell magnificently refers to as "market creations in an age after pop."

8 February 2015."

- http://www.true-to-you.net/morrissey_news_150210_01

It's pretty interesting, with Morrissey saying in his own distinctive way what others like Marshall McLuhan, Benoit Mandelbrot, Rene Girard and plenty of others made a lifelong study. I guess even The Smiths had to break through a similar scenario. There's nearly always resistance of one kind or another when the new is pressing through, but maybe sometimes there's more space for it to happen, and less manipulation or handicaps shaping outcomes.

TTY A London show about Morrissey & Mexico.

Posted by goinghome (Members) at Fri 6 Feb 2015, 01:21:04. 0 comments

- 5 February 2015


Mexico Goes Morrissey

Saturday 25 April 2014 / 19:30, Barbican Hall

Tickets: £15-25

Delving into Mexico's unlikely obsession for all-things-Morrissey, Mexico City-based DJ and producer Camilo Lara, founder of the electronic music project Mexican Institute of Sound (M.I.S.), together with bandleader Sergio Mendoza (Orkesta Mendoza/Calexico) has assembled a super-group of Mexico's leading contemporary musicians, paying homage to the iconic Smiths frontman. Through M.I.S., Lara has developed a reputation for blending traditional music with more modern sounds and this performance will explore the relationship between Mexico and Morrissey, reinventing his work with brass, accordion and other Mexican elements. His songs of love, loss and longing, with powerful imagery and metaphors have found a huge audience and chimed with generations raised on rancheras and mariachis. The show builds on the success of previous Barbican performances which La Linea Festival have undertaken with Mexican musicians, including Spanish Bombs - Tropical Tribute to the Clash, Viva el Mariachi and Mexico vs. The Balkans Brass Band Battle.

Part of Year of Mexico in the UK 2015

Produced by La Linea - The London Latin Music Festival in association with the Barbican. -


TTY Iceland

Posted by La Plus Heureuse (Members) at Mon 2 Feb 2015, 21:14:47. 13 comments

TTY Iceland

2 February 2015


Morrissey has scrapped plans for a show at Harpa Concert Hall in Reykjavik (Iceland) due to the refusal of management at the Harpa Concert Hall to sell only vegetarian food on the night of the projected Morrissey show.
"I love Iceland and I have waited a long time to return, but I shall leave the Harpa Concert Hall to their cannibalistic flesh-eating bloodlust ... " Morrissey has commented.
No other venue in Reykjavik is available.

All credit to Intl_Playboy on Twitter.

Although this wasn't a confirmed date, I still find it interesting this was posted.

TTY: Autobiography in Penguin Books' top ten best-sellers list for 2014

Posted by mammaof3 (Mods) at Sat 31 Jan 2015, 00:47:40. 2 comments

Morrissey's 2013 Autobiography remained in Penguin Books' top ten best-sellers list for 2014

30 January 2015

Morrissey's 2013 Autobiography remained in Penguin Books' top ten best-sellers list for 2014.

Posted Image

Morrissey UK shows in March

Posted by mammaof3 (Mods) at Sun 11 Jan 2015, 23:47:08. 56 comments


Morrissey UK shows in March

11 January 2015

Morrissey UK shows in March

Posted Image

TTY Statement on Bullfighting in Mexico

Posted by goinghome (Members) at Fri 2 Jan 2015, 13:01:33. 4 comments

Morrissey cuts to the chase and deplores the mindless indulgence in sadistic pleasures associated with bullfighting:

"The shame of beloved Mexico

I felt delight this week to see serial killer Karla de los Angeles justifiably gored in a bullring in Mexico City against her largely defenseless opponent. Make no mistake: there is no such thing as bullfighting. For the torment and slaughter of each bull there is an avowed plan and a strict script, so therefore there is no possibility of a contest of any kind. Yet there is the illusion of contest and action even if the order of events is very efficient - so efficient, in fact, that whenever the bull "wins" it is reported that the event has 'gone wrong'. But why could anything go wrong if a contest is fair? Whenever the matador is suddenly at a disadvantage, other matadors rush to her/his aid, and they stab the bull. However, the bull is not allowed support from other bulls should he find himself similarly in trouble. For this reason, the event is superficial and can only appeal to people who have no intelligence.
Driven by perverted impulse, Karla de los Angeles wants to kill another being that has actually posed no threat to her, and her radio comment following this week's failed attempt to out-wit a dying bull had de los Angeles confessing:
"I am sad because I could not cut off the bull's ear."
Well, Karla, please understand this: we are sad that the bull did not come away with YOUR ear.

Most tourist guides still list 'bullfighting' as a sport, yet nothing about the event is sporting. In actual and undeniable fact, it ought to be listed in travel publications as 'torture' because to the intelligent mind, it does not qualify for any other description.
This torture of bulls provides a small degree of employment in Mexico, as does the torture of humans at the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. The fact that some people will pay money to watch bull torture is immaterial because, after all, paedophilia presumably entertains the paedophile, but no one has yet described paedophilia as a sport.
The lack of moral heroism from Karla de los Angeles and her co-killers Hilda Tenorio and Lupita Lopez represents the very worst aspects of Mexican life, and for 2015 I wish all three women the very worst, for the very worst is their rightful due.

Thanks for reading this.

1 January 2015."

- http://www.true-to-you.net/morrissey_news_150102_01

Should we send Morrissey a great big get well soon bouquet?

Posted by Reggie Peppery (Members) at Tue 30 Dec 2014, 00:02:14. One comment

No doubt we all are deeply peturbed to hear of Morrisseys' recent health scares!!! Just a thought but how's about this site sends him a great big get well soon bouquet on his next concert in the UK? We could all bunce in £5 or £10 or £20 (even a quid or a best wishes message would be great if that is our current circumstance) and between us send him a great big allyouneedismorissey best wishes and get well soon card and flowers.

Any thoughts?


15 minutes with you...

Posted by Practising Troublemaker (Members) at Thu 25 Dec 2014, 12:40:49. 5 comments


An interesting read! Discussion of The Smiths, Morrissey, music and and Manchester City


TTY - Yes, there were times/ I'm sure you knew

Posted by crashingbore (Members) at Mon 22 Dec 2014, 02:05:48. 7 comments


What I may risk calling our best tour ever ... has now ended, and my written words of thanks to all who came along to watch and listen are strong enough to burn a hole through the North Pole.
It is gratifying to have so much support around the world, and the drone of my repetitive thanks could somehow never say enough.

The best of the best:

1. London (England) 02 Arena
2. Dublin (Ireland) 3Arena
3. Belgrade (Serbia) Belexpocentar
4. Paris (France) Le Grand Rex
5. Helsinki (Finland) Finlandia, first night
6. Istanbul (Turkey) VW Arena
7. Krakow (Poland) Laznia Nowa
8. Vienna (Austria) Konzerthaus
9. Athens (Greece) Tae Kwon Do Arena
10. Lund (Sweden) Sparbanken Skåne Arena
11. Zagreb (Croatia) Zagreb Fair, Pavilion 9
12. Hannover (Germany) Capitol
13. Essen (Germany) Colosseum
14. Utrecht (Holland) TivoliVredenburg
15. Copenhagen (Denmark) Falconer
16. Bologna (Italy) Paladozza
17. Pescara (Italy) Pala Gpii

Oh, but the list passionately hums on. We are blessed.

My devotional thanks to Boz Boorer, Jesse Tobias, Matthew Ira Walker, Gustavo Manzur and Mando Lopez.

Panic - of course! - at Lyon (France) where we were suddenly without a bass player, but Mando appeared with wings - bigger than life, ready to eat fire... we were saved. He learned a complicated set of songs within a few days and suddenly we were boot camp ready to pick the tour up at Hannover.

Very special thanks to those who travelled to a great number of the shows. I am continually humbled by such determination, and I scarcely know what to say by way of appreciation. Julia attended her 625th show at Istanbul, and I wonder if any living human has been to so many shows by the same artist or band? Documentarily, Julia's will is more fascinating than that of Emmeline Pankhurst, Maud Gonne and Constance Markievicz combined.

Explosive thanks to the websites and magazines who have voted World peace is none of your business as the best album of 2014. We think so, too.
Finally, thank you to Anna Calvi for opening our nights with such supreme Joan of Arc punch and finesse. The world is suddenly a new place.

2015? Imponderable.

Yield to no one,
con carino,
Istanbul, 19 December.

Photograph above from 2014 tour, photographer unknown

Morrissey Christmas Photo - Meat Is Murder

Posted by mammaof3 (Mods) at Sat 20 Dec 2014, 19:07:01. 23 comments

Posted Image
Sam Esty Rayner Photography
4 mins ·

So there is the photo Morrissey's nephew promised us yesterday:

Sam Esty Rayner Photography
13 hrs ·

Dec 9 interview in tportal.hr (Croatian)

Posted by crashingbore (Members) at Wed 10 Dec 2014, 21:32:13. 0 comments

I'm really going to miss these interviews when the tour is over. I wish random periodicals would just interview Morrissey all the time, constantly. I may have to take old interviews from the 1990s and Google translate them into Croatian and then back into English just to console myself.

Anyway, the original:

The Google translation to English:

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