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Brekkie radio on SUN/WED/FRI
There is a light
"Breakfast with The Smiths"- The world of Morrissey
now 3 times a week
listen in LA from...... 09-11h (PST)
listen in the UK from 17-19h (GMT)
listen in D /CEurope 18-20h (MESZ/CET, Central European Time?)

midnight in LA
Have proper Brekkie in Europe if you are a student
8 am UK, 9 am Germany
Hosted by Jose Maldonado, singer of "Sweet and Tender Hooligans" on L.A.'s Indie 103.1 radio station.

You can post your wishes too!

Please send your song requests to Jose via Twitter @JoseMaldonado or call during the show 1-877-900-1031.

It would be lovely if you could support this brandnew forum by making it known in mozworld.

Plz wish for a song - request at Brekkie w smiffs n dedicate it to this new forum, Thank you!!!
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