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"The Rules"
Welcome to All You Need Is Morrissey, a fan forum for admirers of Morrissey and/or his music. Please take a few minutes to read the rules.

1. Conduct Towards Morrissey (and Other Artists)
We're all here because we like Morrissey as an individual, an artist or both. We hope that most of the discussion will be positive in tone but critical comment is just as valid provided you understand the difference between reasoned critique and blatant slamming. This extends to discussions of other artists, whatever their connection to the world of Morrissey and his music.

2. Conduct Towards Fellow Forum Members
Above all, be respectful. If you wouldn't say something to someone in person, don't post it here. Please guard against sexism, racism, ageism, homophobia and religious or national discrimination in anything you post. Name-calling will be regarded as bullying. Members must not pursue personal grievances on this forum or via our PM system, nor import feuds from other forums/websites/social media platforms.

3. Posting Guidelines
Please mind your language. Mild swearing is acceptable but strong swearing/sexually-based expletives are not.

Please browse the forum structure before you post and try to post new threads in the appropriate sections. If your news item is not primarily about Morrissey and/or The Smiths, it does not merit a standalone post on the front page. Please don't try to mislead or sensationalise. Actual news goes in the "News" folder, etc. Spoofs must be labelled as such or extremely obvious.

When posting any form of media file (images, video, audio), please try to ensure that you are not infringing copyright. Items posted in violation of copyright and which become the subject of legitimate complaint will be removed, but it's added work for the mods and we'd rather people just ask the author(s) before posting. In addition, please do not post material if you have any reasonable suspicion that doing so would infringe the personal privacy and/or dignity of another person.

We wholeheartedly support "Frinking" but please keep your comments in line with the aim of this forum to be appropriate for all age groups. To this end, the forum does not host fanfiction, as we all know how that can get a bit..... *ahem!*

4. Protecting Your Interests
It is the policy of All You Need Is Morrissey to respect the privacy of all forum members. No threads publicly addressing / attacking / revealing members' private lives are allowed. We also respect the right of the public figures discussed within the forum, to a private life. This extends to the family/close associates of such public figures.

Whether or not you are reading this as a member of AYNIM, should you at any time find there is material on our forum that you feel compromises your personal privacy and/or dignity, please don't hesitate to contact us. Non-members can contact us on our Twitter account, @AYNIM. As a matter of policy, we will only remove material on third-party request if there are exceptional circumstances (i.e. the person/s affected being genuinely unable to contact us personally) as otherwise this leaves the complaints system open to abuse. In the case of artists/public figures, their families and close associates, OFFICIAL representatives may request the removal of material.

5. Moderation Policy
Should a forum member post or PM anything perceived to be in breach of the rules (whether spotted by the moderators or reported by another member) the moderators aim first to ask the poster to change whatever caused offence, but cannot always promise that. We want everyone to feel free to express their opinions, but we will err on the side of caution if we feel a member is being abused.

Formal or informal warnings may be given at the discretion of the moderators. At three formal warnings, the offending member will be placed on a probation list for a period (typically three months) during which their posts will be queued for moderation. Any further infractions during that period will escalate the probationary status to a ban of a duration to be decided on the merits of the case. Following a period of banning, the returning member will revert to probationary status until the moderators feel it appropriate to lift the probation. Where a member is put on probation, the normal rules apply but the probationary member can expect to be given less benefit of the doubt.

The moderators reserve the right to decline/withdraw/modify membership or to impose a ban or probationary status without notice should it be deemed in the interest of the forum's reputation, legal position or the peaceable enjoyment of the forum by the membership as a whole.


If you have questions or suggestions, please submit them on the forum itself under Suggestions, Feedback and Forum News.
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